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Tomato soup,   Homemade tomato soup with sourdough bread
Carpaccio,   With cheeseflakes, pine nuts and truffle aioli
€ 12,50
Smoked salmon,   With whiskey cocktail sauce, capers, sundried tomato and arugula
€ 12,50
Albondigas,   Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce € 10,50
Gyoza duck,   Dumpling filled with duck and hoisin mayonnaise € 11,50
Yakitori skewers,   Japanese chicken skewers with spring onion and sesame seeds € 10,50
Burrata,   With walnuts, arugula and aceto syrop
€ 11,50

Main course

Chicken satay,   With atjar, rice, fried ricenoodles and Rimboe satay sauce
€ 18,50
Spare ribs,   Sticky spare ribs with corn rib, coleslaw and garlic sauce
€ 23,50
Double bacon and cheese burger,   Lakenvelder beef buger with cheese, relish sauce and onion rings € 17,50
Vegan burger,   With beetroot bun, vegan cheese, relish sauce and onion rings € 17,50
Fish 'N Chips,   An English classic with daily changing beer batter
€ 17,50
Cod fillet with ratatouille,   Served with wild garlic butter and sundried tomato crumble € 21,50
Fish duo salad,   Smoked salmon and trout with sweet and sour red onion and cucumber
€ 21,50
Pulled chicken salad,   Pulled chicken, coleslaw, katjang pedis and fried onion € 17,50
Pulled jackfruit salad,   Pulled jackfruit, coleslaw and fried onion € 17,50
Flammkuchen,  With bacon, onion, arugula, pine nuts and broad beans
€ 17,50
Vega flammkuchen,  With crème fraîche, arugula, pine nuts and broad beans
€ 17,50
Camembert from the oven,   With honey, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and sourdough bread
€ 18,50
Crab and lobster tortelloni,    With lobster bisque, pine nuts, spinach and sundried tomatoes
€ 26,50

Side dishes

Corn ribs,   With yoghurt dip, chili and lime
€ 5,50
Crunchy cauliflower bites,   With yoghurt dip, chili and lime
€ 6,50
Coleslaw,   Pointed cabbage and carrot with spring onion in a sweet and sour dressing
€ 4,50


Liège waffle,    With whipped cream, warm cherries, strawberry icecream and chocolate sauce
€ 9,50
New York Blueberry cheesecake,   With cassis icecream and sumac
€ 9,50
Icy Dame Blanche,   Original "Snijers style" with cold chocolate sauce
€ 7,50
Mont Blanc,   Icy Dame Blanche with egg liquor
€ 8,50
Pastel de nata,   Portuguese delicacy with vanilla icecream and caramel sauce


Brasserie Vennemeer

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7 Dagen per week geopend vanaf 10:30 uur.
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© 2016-2023 WSV Vennemeer. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

© 2016-2023 WSV Vennemeer.
Alle rechten voorbehouden.